The Versatile Gent, an aspirational upmarket lads’ mag, knows a thing or two about the good life—so four-star surfing in Sri Lanka is top of the maritime menu in anybody’s language.

As it points out, “with the coconut palms, 28 degree water, and friendly Sri Lankan hospitality, the south-west coast is a perfect holiday destination for surfers and non-surfers alike”.

First stop Kabalana Point, aka The Rock, “which really turned it on one morning, with 4–6-foot peaks and an inside barrelling section. As the tide drops, the inside becomes more tubular and much faster, so make sure you pull out before the closeout, or it’s bye-bye”.

But even the most dedicated surfers need beer breaks from the great surf breaks, and there are a ton of south-west-coast bars, restaurants, hotels and hostels “where you can pull up and enjoy a seafood rotti and a beer, while you wait for the wind to die in the afternoon”.

Next stop Midigama, where Rams Right “provides a clean, bowling right-hander that jacks up upon hitting the rock shelf. With the right swell direction it can also break left, forming a great A-frame desirable for goofy footers.

“Rams delivered some perfection one morning and we surfed for three hours before we needed to come in for breakfast. It was a memorable session and one that I will dream about for years to come.”

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