Give beaches in Sri Lanka ‘human rights’ to protect then from pollution says local lawyer and eco-activist


Giving Sri Lanka’s renowned beaches ‘human rights’ to protect them from marine pollution is mooted by prominent local lawyer and eco-activist Harindrini Corea.

She is the daughter of the late Harindra Jayantha Corea, a former Member of Parliament, and granddaughter of Sir Claude Corea, Ceylon’s first Ambassador to the US.

Writing for News First, she says that “recognizing the rights of the beach in assigning legal personality to the beach seems a possible answer to this crisis”.


This would give beaches “the same rights and responsibilities as a human being and is accordingly allowed to sue and be sued in its own name during court proceedings”.

She says: “Beaches are a natural treasure and one of the most important coastal ecosystems of Sri Lanka.”

But because of the many fishing communities and industrial activities in the coastal regions, these areas “are subject to various types of pollution”.


She cites the Whanganui river in New Zealand as the first in the world to be declared as a legal person, later followed by Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India.

She adds: “It may be argued that the beaches in Sri Lanka could be provided with legal personality for the protection of its well-being for its own sake.”

It would also be “for the protection of the interests of the citizens of the country who have an interest in preserving the good condition of the beaches for future generations”.

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