This terrific video of Sri Lanka by French photographer and film-maker Clément Lefer is featured on the Cinema5D website, which features tech specs and reviews for professionals.

Entitled ‘Sri Lanka | Wonder of Asia’, the video and Facebook post, according to Lefer, is to “let a Sri Lankan local man tell you the story of his country, through the wise words of poet Robert Frost”.

Says Lefer: “A few years ago, I decided to try and make a living from doing things I like rather than taking the safe path that my international trade degree had to offer. I now work with advertising agencies in Paris and London, as well as various brands.

“I keep weeks of travel time during the year, to stay alert and keep pushing the limits of filmmaking under hard conditions. That way, I never lose sight of the reason I decided to make video my life.”

He tells Cinema5D: “I’ve grown passionate about the high-end short documentaries with strong cinematography, where the classic interview becomes a voice over, covering the film and bringing us into the environment or passion we’re discussing.

“It allows the viewer to feel the film and be more part of it, instead of breaking the wall and making it clear that we’re watching at an interview. So, a portrait of an artist, an athlete or an NGO with a true passion for their field, that’s what I’m looking for.”

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