Forget the ‘crackberry’, soak up tech-free sun and sambal with a Santani digital detox

Remember the Blackberry? Beloved of bankers, movers and shakers, it was the first handy-sized mobile phone to offer secure emailing—an absolute must-have.

And they called it the ‘Crackberry’ because it was so addictive.

Now we’ve all got one in the shape of the iPhone and the many and varied Android alternatives—and we’re all just as addicted as those ‘crackhead’ city slickers of yesteryear.

So the luxurious Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in the geographical dead-centre of Sri Lanka must have thought long and hard about telling its guests: “Leave your phone alone”.

‘Everyone’s smiling, which is pretty weird’

Says an MTV Travel piece: “Tech is banned from public areas, and you immediately feel the difference. People chat at the table, listen to stories and recommendations from the waiters and really take in the views (they literally never get old).

“Encouraging this brave new way of life, bedrooms don’t even come with Wifi (but you can have a router fitted immediately if you really can’t go without).

As a result, “passing guests on a walkway, or looking around the restaurant at dinner, there’s something you can’t put your finger on.

“Everyone’s smiling, which is pretty weird (if you’re from a big city, anyway) but also… no one’s looking down at their phone/tablet/iPod. Not one person. Can you remember the last time you saw that?”

One of the best places for digital detox

The piece explains exactly why Santani is one of the best places in Sri Lanka for a ‘digital detox’, a chance to put aside the techy temptress, embrace nature and recharge the soul.

“Spending time amongst nature is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, and here you’re surrounded by stress-busting greenery. You’re encouraged to stay off your phone as much as possible (gulp), but the views are so cool, it’s genuinely not difficult.”

On arrival, guests are checked out by the resident doctor “where your mental and physical health is quickly examined. Whether you’re here to lose weight, detox, start a new fitness regime or just chill out, there are specific meal plans and incredible spa treatments to make it happen.”

Hearty ‘proper’ grub on the menu

Ah yes, the food: “Don’t for one second picture yourself crying in your bedroom, wishing you’d stuffed your suitcase with Mars bars. If you do love vegetarian, vegan and raw foods, HAVE AT IT – but hearty, ‘proper’ grub is most definitely on the menu.

“This has to be the first wellness spa that guarantees you’ll NEVER go hungry – and there’s a biodynamic wine bar, too. For those of you wondering, that means organic, which means less hangovers. Win!”

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