That most splendid and addictive culinary masterpiece ever to emerge in Sri Lanka—the egg hopper—has been praised and exalted the world over, not least by us!

So we’re delighted to point you towards foody blogger Karen at Lavender & Lovage, who not only extols the wonders of egg hoppers but shows us kitchen dunces how they are made.

Describing her first day in Sri Lanka, Karen says: “I was so captivated with these pancake baskets, that I added to my already considerably heavy luggage and brought a couple of hopper pans back home with me, complete with lots of Sri Lankan ingredients too!”

She concludes: “So, as an Egg Hopper lover, an avid cook and a person with boundless curiosity, I am happy to present to you today, my recipe for Egg Hoppers, as made earlier today for breakfast and very successfully too, I’m pleased to say.”

Read her full post, with recipes, here


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