Sri Lanka’s famed architect Geoffrey Bawa (pictured above), renowned as the father of tropical modernism, is the subject of a great post on the Dutch airline KLM website entitled Five Beautiful Bawa Buildings in Sri Lanka.

“Apart from visiting the centuries-old royal cities, grand palaces and Buddhist temples, anyone visiting Sri Lanka who loves architecture should definitely visit the buildings of Geoffrey Bawa.

“He is the country’s world-renowned architect and the spiritual father of tropical modernism. We’ve picked out five of Bawa’s beautiful buildings that are worth visiting, inside and out.”

Fusion architecture vs fusion cooking

One of Sri Lanka’s best restaurants is the Gallery Café in Colombo. Once designed by Bawa to serve as a doctor’s dwelling, it later became his headquarters.

At home with Bawa

Number 11 is the rather unromantic name of Geoffrey Bawa’s grand residence in Colombo. A labyrinth of rooms, patios, courtyards and terraces, seamlessly connecting in- and outdoor; a place where trees penetrate the roof.

When Bawa met Buddha

Although Bawa built hotels, offices, private residences, schools, a university, a police station, a library and the parliament buildings, the number of temples remained modest: one to be precise.

Become one with nature

In the 1960s, Sri Lanka gained enormous popularity as a holiday paradise. Bawa built the country’s first big hotels, but Hotel Kandalama is considered its masterpiece.

Behold Bawa’s life work

If Hotel Kandalama can be considered Bawa’s masterpiece then Lunuganga is surely his life’s work. In over half a century, he transformed a former rubber plantation into his private tropical paradise.

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