Kinita at Yamu (pictured right), Sri Lanka’s premiere online review everything site, hilariously observes that “mosquito nets are probably more common in Sri Lankan bedrooms than orgasms”.

To which she graciously adds: “If this bothers anybody, you can write your righteous indignation in iambic pentameter and recite it to us on the next full moon”.

Thus, in its own inimitable style, Yamu’s latest post is all about dengue: what it is, how to avoid suffering from it (and what to do if you don’t), with even a lamentation from D. H. Lawrence.

The dengue mosquito, aedes aegypti, is common throughout the tropics, and also spreads other deadly and dangerous diseases such as yellow fever, Zika and chikungunya.

Sri Lanka, with its focus on attracting more high-end tourists, is leading the fight against this mosquito menace, spearheaded at Negombo General Hospital by the world’s first specialist dengue clinic.

Yamu points out that mosquitos aren’t just a Sri Lankan thing. However, since January this year, 24,315 cases have been reported to the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health.

And “while the problem is country-wide, 41% of the reports were from the Western Province [which includes the capital Colombo], which seems worryingly disproportionate”.

Sprays help keep the mossies at bay.

Which is why the piece stresses the need for prevention, including the aforementioned mosquito nets, sprays, and eliminating breeding grounds and unattended standing water.

As it says, “one of the best ways to squash the mozzie epidemic is to discourage breeding. As a tropical country, we’re prime breeding ground, but measures can be taken to ensure your house isn’t a bug paradise.

“Get rid of empty tires, pots, broken things around the house that collect water. Rainwater harvesting is environmentally friendly, but stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground.”

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