Fifty Chinese couples marry in mass Buddhist-style ceremony in Sri Lanka to promote tourism


Fifty couples from China have been married in the Sri Lanka capital Colombo in a colourful mass ceremony conducted in accordance with our ancient Buddhist traditions.

As Tourism Minister John Amaratunga told Reuters: “There’ll be many more couples who want to come here and celebrate true marriages from China and other parts of the world.”

Alice Wu was dressed in a golden sari from Sri Lanka’s mountainous region, while husband Henry Liu wore the traditional red costume of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka.

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America’s ABC News reports that the mass mass ceremony was to “mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries and to promote the island nation as a tourist destination”.

The ceremony began after the couples arrived in decorated cars, with traditional Sri Lankan drummers and dancers blowing conch shells and performing a welcome dance as symbols of auspiciousness.

The couples exchanged rings and had their fingers tied together and water poured over them in Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition as a sign of unity and purity, as schoolgirls chanted a blessing hymn.

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