Do you have a favourite tree in Sri Lanka? Help preserve it by entering the Asian Tree Of The Year contest


Sri Lanka is again taking part in Asian Tree of the Year—“to photograph, publicise and preserve trees which hold a special meaning to individuals and kickstart a movement to preserve our biodiversity heritage”.

Organised by The Carbon Consulting Company, it urges us “to be a part of a growing movement to highlight trees which are of special importance to individuals and communities”.

The organisers note that “Asia faces a tricky crossroad—the need to balance economic development whilst maintaining its unique forest coverage”.

We can thus all contribute to raising the awareness of the vital role trees play, not just in our lives but also in maintaining and enriching the environment.

The contest, which is open to the general public, will take the top 3 entries from participating countries and a judging panel will decide the Asian Tree of the Year winner.

The featured tree must be located within the same country. In the event the same tree is nominated, the organisers will select the entry which was submitted first. Rules and entry requirements can be found here.

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