Fast and furious dragon boats in Sri Lanka are poised to become a major tourist attraction!


Dragon boats, the fastest growing international team water sport, is coming to Sri Lanka at the Diyawanna Rowing Centre in Colombo!

This massively demanding and picturesque 2,000-year-old sport, which began in China, is poised to become a major Sri Lanka tourist attraction.

The Sunday Times notes that “this initiative of the National Association for Canoeing & Kayaking, Sri Lanka (NACKSL), is co-sponsored by the Japan Canoe Federation (JCF)”.


The launch in Sri Lanka is scheduled for 4pm on April 23 at the Diyawanna Rowing Centre, coinciding with the final day of the Canoe-Kayak Nationals Competition being held on April 22–23.

Dragon boating is about 10 or even 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steering person, paddling to cross the finish line faster than their competitors.

Says National Association for Canoeing & Kayaking, Sri Lanka (NACKSL) President Preethi Perera: “It is a team sport in its purest form, that involves the elements of power, speed, synchronization, mental focus and endurance, using the mind and body.


Practised in over 70 countries worldwide, race festivals are held around the world in Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

Teams with well conditioned paddlers in perfect synchronization, fuelled by competition, provides an impressive event of a cascade of boats bursting through the waters, and is an exciting event for its spectators.

This is a competitive sport, as also a leisure sport and its festivals create a great tourist attraction.

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