Fantastic breakfast, time-warp Galle Fort and dinner on Unawatuna beach for Business Insider in Sri Lanka


The historic Galle Fort, ever-popular Unawatuna beach and a fantastic breakfast in our capital city Colombo were highlights of a recent trip for Business Insider writer Jhinuk Sen.

Staying at Aathma Colombo House, he writes that “their breakfast spread has very often been called the best in the world and no, they were not exaggerating it in the least”.

Meanwhile, “Colombo is a city with picture-perfect properties, great places to dine, party, shop and the best place to explore the rest of the country from.”


That includes “the majestic Galle fort. The fort is called a ‘living’ one because there are residential properties, offices, hotels, churches, shops etc that are up and running for years”.

Parts of the fort have also been transformed into museums, the road pavings are intact, the doors, windows and arches are still the same and some of the oldest offices have been left as they were, still functioning.

“Galle is a time-warp. You drive through the fort gates and you are suddenly thrown back a good few decades. And each part of the city has a special feeling to it.”


Jhinuk’s first day ended with a laid-back dinner at Unawatuna beach, which is also a short drive away from Galle. “How could we forget how good the local beer and the fresh-grilled seafood tasted.”

“Sri Lanka was a rush. But it was an exhilarating rush that soothed you and pushed you ahead all at the same time.

“I am certain all of us were making mental plans to plan a longer trip soon, but then, there we were, flying back to our desks and our laptop screens.

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