An amazing family rural retreat created by Sri Lankan architect Palinda Kannangara for a scholar of Buddhist philosophy is featured on the Arch Daily website.

Billed as ‘the world’s most visited architecture website’, it notes that the house, located close to paddy fields and fringed by distant woodland at Malabe, is “a tranquil space away from the hectic bustle of the city”.

It provides a place for the owners to pursue their individual passions for gardening and writing, and that locally available materials, including a combination of reclaimed and custom designed, were used.

“A simple but tactile material palette was adopted and the colors and textures of the architecture blend into the environment of the canopy trees and the paddy fields.

“The foreground to the existing structure too was retained along with the marvelous canopy trees that were on the site (all saved), and a new living and service block was added, interior layout was revised with the requirements of the clients.”

Read the full story here.


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