The inspiring story of how a young Irish couple built a new home—and a new life—in Sri Lanka is told in heartwarming detail on the The Gloss Magazine website.

Seven years ago, Lisa Forde and Eric Ring, who both worked in the property industry, left recession-hit Dublin after the market crashed, and have never looked back.

Says The Gloss: “Rather than sit at home licking their wounds, the couple decided to head out on the trip of a lifetime, and, with their six -year-old son Axel and Elka, two, in tow (they are now twelve and seven) spent the next year travelling to 30 different countries, including Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and India.”

And when they arrived in Sri Lanka, “they felt something special”. Says Lisa: “We fell in love with Sri Lanka the moment we arrived.” So they returned home to settle their affairs, came back to Sri Lanka, bought a piece of land, and built their dream house.

Now, says The Gloss, “a typical morning these days is as far as it could be from their once-hectic Dublin lives. They wake about 6am, to the sounds of the birds and monkeys in the trees, a breakfast of fresh tropical fruit and buffalo curd on the spacious verandah, followed by the packing of lunches and then it’s off to school for an 8am start”.

Their delightful modernist house, which they named Tittaniya, after the Sinhala word for playground, is within walking distance of Wijaya, one of Sri Lanka’s favourite ex-pat beach. And, while Lisa still works in interior design, mostly fitting out hotels, Eric has completely reinvented himself as a chef, specialising in Persian and Arabian food.

So, bon apatite, as they say!

Read the full story here.


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