A fab family adventure in Sri Lanka, where Unawatuna ‘is a great option when visiting with kids’


Adventure and young children don’t always go together—except in Sri Lanka, they do. It can be a challenge, but that’s what lifetime memories are made of.

Adventure Travel Family “are a three-generation UK family (Hannah and Patrick, our three children aged 6, 5 and 2, and my mum Jayne) on a full-time travelling adventure”.

Writes Hannah: “Over the last year we gave away or sold all of our stuff and headed off to explore the world. Our kids are autonomously educated and we work online as we go.”

And so they went, and were recently staying in an apartment in Unawatuna, “a pretty good starting point for families travelling to Sri Lanka with kids”.

“Unawatuna beach is a great option. It’s got loads of restaurants and cafes along the edge, fine sand that is perfect for castle-building, and really fun waves.”

And Jungle Beach (pictured), “a gorgeous little secret cove near Unawatuna beach. It’s got the postcard-perfect soft sand, clear blue water and palm fringes that we were hoping to find on this lovely island”.

As a perfect counterpoint to sand, sea and surf, “the kids are really looking forward to doing a whale-watching trip before we head north to stay in a national park and then catch the famous train from Ella to Kandy, riding through the beautiful tea plantations”.

She reports that the best places to eat are “the little houses with husband-and-wife teams, maybe a small chalkboard sign and a couple of plastic chairs outside. That’s a good indicator that you’ll find proper, local, authentic Sri Lankan food”.

And, of course, tuk-tuks. “They are a part of daily life here. In Thailand they are slightly more of a tourist attractions; here they are the main way that people get around. We must have taken 20 tuk-tuk rides since we got here; all six of us, plus bags, in a tiny tin thing.”

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