One of the most extraordinary buildings in Sri Lanka reflects the architectural passion and eco-energy that flows through the creative grid of this tropical paradise island.

Which is fitting, because the Oculus, commissioned by Windforce on the flat grasslands of Jaffna in the far north, is a residence for staff and visitors at the Jaffna wind-power farm.

Designed by architecture firm Palinda Kannangara, the futuristic concrete construction is featured on the website of Wallpaper*, one of the UK’s foremost online curators of creative and artistic excellence.

It says: “The 4,715 sq ft building made of exposed concrete with cement floors and walls within is simple and functional yet extremely sensitive to its surroundings.

“The Oculus sits at the first point of the axis which extends across the landscape to the wind farm hosting 16 wind power turbines, and the main monitoring station building, where the wind farm is controlled from.

“The Oculus is named after the circular opening carved out in the centre of the building’s square roof. A pivot of natural light, water and the changing seasons, the oculus radiates light through the building and frames a view of the towering windmill beside it.

“A force of architecture with its concrete form is sturdy and strong, the design is not imposing on the environment, yet sensitive to its seasonal fluctuations and open to its beauty.

“A rough spiral staircase made of stone pavers winds up to the upper level where the sleeping and living quarters for visiting engineers, staff members and guests are located.”

Read the full report here.


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