Sri Lanka’s cultural expression through jewellery, handicrafts and fashion is highlighted in a look at the L’Indochine fashion shop featured on The Standard website.

It notes that “this summer, inspiration seeker L’Indochine takes people to an amazing virtual adventure to Sri Lanka with its expertly curated and exquisitely designed fashion and accessories collection”.

Citing “a country whose pivotal position in the ancient Silk Route has made it a crossroad of cultural and trade exchange between East and West”, it notes Sri Lanka’s wonderful woodcarving heritage.

“Wooden sculptures have become a popular craft item with tourists … and wooden masks are also said to bring good luck, friendship and power. In early times, the masks were used in rituals, dramas, and in curing sickness.”

A long tradition of working with gold, silver, and brass, inlays of precious metals include filigree—delicate decorative openwork are also produced in Sri Lanka in traditional techniques.

Meanwhile, exotic embroidered bags, sarongs, dresses, and fashion accessories, as well as handloom textiles, “have become a source of livelihood for villagers who have preserved their skills, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation”.

Meanwhile, “Sri Lanka produces excellent jewelry, which has its roots in two traditions: the Galle, which is characterized by its precious stones, and the Kandayan, with its intricate metal – especially silver work.”

Read the full report here.


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