‘Exciting and sexy’ Airbnb ‘poised to take tourism in Sri Lanka to the next level’ with government blessing


‘Exciting and sexy’ global homestay phenomenon Airbnb is poised to hit Sri Lanka big time, according to tourism boss Kavan Ratnayaka.

The Sunday Times reports that the chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has signed with Airbnb to benefit the “discerning traveller”.

Says the Times: “Mr Ratnayaka believes it’s ‘exciting and sexy’ for Sri Lanka to have onboard Airbnb to partner with showcasing about 40 experiences that the country has to offer.”


The partnership “would ensure that travellers would be assured the safety and security of staying at a location approved by authorities and visiting sites authorised by them”.

Ratnayaka said that Sri Lanka is not interested in the mass market, pointing out that they “prefer to market the authentic and diverse aspect that travel to the country could offer”.

Airbnb country manager Amanpreet Bajaj added that that the experiences “would enable travellers to immerse themselves into the day-to-day lives of the people”.


The Times reports telecoms minister Harin Fernando as saying that “Airbnb’s presence in Sri Lanka and showcasing 40 places would mean Sri Lanka is being taken to the next level”.

The experiences include learning surfing from an internationally qualified local, touring the Galle Fort with a reputed photographer and learning about local arts and crafts.

“These experiences given to the traveller would ensure the livelihoods of a number of people in Sri Lanka would be benefited and the traveller too would have a better view of what the country has to offer.”

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