Epic landscapes of central Sri Lanka, historic Dambulla, and the elephants of Minneriya star in ‘happiness’ blog


The upbeat travel blog Travelynn Family is spotlighting the joys of family holidays in Sri Lanka in a chat with Kaylie, a regular visitor with her husband and two children.

Originally from New Zealand, Kaylie describes her love of Dambulla in particular, the site of our famed cave temples in the heart of the Cultural Triangle.

She says: “Sri Lanka was the perfect half-ways point to meet my parents for an epic Christmas holiday, they travelled from New Zealand to meet us there.”


Blogger Jenny and her family also know our tropical paradise well themselves. She writes: “It’s one of our favourite destinations we’ve travelled with the boys, and such an accessible destination for intrepid families.”

“However, our Sri Lanka adventures focused on the south and east of Sri Lanka (including Colombo, Udawalawe National Park and Arugam Bay) and we didn’t make it further north than the central highlands.”

Which is why she was so keen to hear about Kaylie’s experiences, and how much her two children enjoyed the epic vistas and historic sights of Dambulla and its surroundings.


Says Kaylie: “The landscape is breathtaking. Lush green jungle, impressive rocky spires, lakes and pristine national parks full of wildlife.

“We visited Dambulla with a 3 year old and a 6 year old. By far the favourite excursion for the kids was seeing dozens of elephants in Minneriya National Park.

“We sat and watched the elephants interact with each other. Juveniles chasing and playing in the watering hole, a group of females huddling around a newborn calf and the dominant male wandering amongst the herd giving each female a reassuring tap with an outstretched trunk. An unforgettable experience.”

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