Eco-luxury travel blog The Copenhagen Traveler says that “if you’re up for amazing wildlife experiences, lots of culture and a breathtaking scenery, Sri Lanka should be on top of your bucket list for 2017”.

Founder and editor Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (pictured right) enthuses that as an eco-friendly destination, “Sri Lanka is one of the world’s greenest destinations and tourists will immediately notice the effort the government is making for protecting nature and animals”.

This is seen through countless wildlife conservation programs and rules, which tourists must follow in order to protect the environment. It was a pleasure to meet locals who care about their country beyond just being proud – they want to make a difference in the world of sustainable tourism.

Easy to explore

Don’t just stay in one place when you’re here – do and see as much as possible! Thanks to trains and busses, it’s easy to get around and prices are very reasonable too. The standard is usually pretty good, even on night trains. Go to for more information about how to get around by public transportation in Sri Lanka.

Amazing wildlife

Sri Lanka is truly home to an amazing wildlife and there are plenty of options to embark on a real safari! Unfortunately, too many tourists have found their way to the safari parks in recent years making it sometimes hard to actually even spot a leopard or an elephant, but if you go in early morning, there should be a chance.

Warm-hearted and friendly people

People visiting Sri Lanka won’t go unnoticed to foreigners – they are both curious and friendly. I’ve rarely seen a culture that full of happiness and gratefulness for what they have. The outgoing nature of the Sri Lankan people really makes you feel welcome right away!

Delicious Sri Lankan food

Let it be known: Sri Lankan food is not for the faint-hearted! While I do love a good curry, I felt my throat burning several times during my stay in Sri Lanka! The reason: lots of spices!

Don’t get me wrong: Sri Lankan food is delicious, and they’re very proud of their food traditions, but go slow on the curries once you’re there (unless you’re a pro, of course). Typical dishes include fish curry, chicken curry and dhal curry (with lentils).

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