The scion of Sri Lanka’s best-known golfing family is driving forward plans to put the island game on an international footing to attract more tourists and visitors.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Priath Fernando, long-time president of the Sri Lanka Golf Union (SLGU), says that “SL is an island nation blessed with immense natural resources, beauty, an excellent climate and weather throughout the year”.

“These attributes, together with the historic and cultural sites dating back over 5,000 years, make SL a ‘must visit’ tourist destination!

“Therefore, the vision of making Sri Lanka a world class golfing-holiday destination will give golfers something more than just golf—something bit more unique—like a journey through SL with golf.”

He adds that “I feel that I have the right experience, knowledge and drive to lead SL Golf to the next level, meaning, to place SL golf as world-class, which is our vision”.

Top class

Fernando’s family has been in the forefront of golf’s development in Sri Lanka: Pin Fernando, he father, and Tiru his sister, made their mark as top class golfers in their day.

And as he points out: “SL holds two key World Guinness Book records in golf—my mother, Pam Fernando, is the oldest winner of a national championship, and Thuhashini Selvaratnam is the youngest to win a national championship title! So, you see, the talent in SL has no age barrier either.”

But back to the future. Says Fernando: “I want to ensure we have golf academy facilitators to provide world class golfing facilities to international standards, to ensure the best coaching and training facilities to our junior golfers, targeting world class golfers during the 2017-2032 period.”

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