The delights of our Sri Lankan breakfast renowned among seasoned world travellers

The delights of our Sri Lankan breakfast are renowned among seasoned world travellers. According to Culture Trip, it is “similar to the English breakfast in that it is complete, memorable and unbeatable”.

For tourists and visitors, a really good first meal of the day can be found throughout the island at one of our many hotels and restaurants.

It says: “With one main serving of a bread-type dish surrounded by curries and sambols, the Sri Lankan breakfast has become a major attraction when visiting the island.”

Hoppers are a type of pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. They can either be prepared plain or with a fried egg in the middle.

String hoppers are made with rice flour and pressed through a hopper press to make a sort of nest. Then they are arranged on hopper mats and steamed.


Dahl is a type of curry made with orange lentils, Sri Lankan spices and coconut milk. It is the staple of every Sri Lankan breakfast and sometimes also lunch and dinner.

Depending on the cook, dahl curry can be prepared runny or thick. The idea is that it’s to be scooped with the doughy bread, (the rotti or hopper).


Apart from the breads and the dahl, a Sri Lankan breakfast will almost certainly include another type of curry, either potato, chicken or sometimes even fish curry.

Potato curry is a soupy kind of curry with lots of coconut milk and soft potato chunks. Chicken and fish curries are served in the Sri Lankan style which is a bit drier than Indian curry but with no less spice. These are also meant to be scooped with the breads or eaten by hand.

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