Croatia blog Tea Chronicles extols the delicious virtues of Blissful Harmony, a Sri Lanka tea packed with goodness!


Google ‘Croatian coffee culture’ and you’ll get 17 million results. It’s a really big deal—so not necessarily the best place to go for a nice cup of tea.

Except it is. Enter the Tea Chronicles, a Croatian website dedicated to the world’s most fragrant brew—and especially Blissful Harmony from Sri Lanka!

It says “Blissful Harmony is a truly unique and perfectly balanced white and black tea blend from Sri Lanka with beautifully wild looking tea leaves and contrasts that blend into a perfect harmony.”


The tea is a blend of black and white marketed by Teakruthi in Canada, which boasts that they “don’t blend our Pure Ceylon tea sacrificing its quality. Our teas come to you all natural and that’s our promise”.

And says Tea Chronicles: “I do not remember ever trying a more delightful blend of two or more tea types.

“So, I fell in love at first sight. This blend looks like a wild mess of huge white tea buds and leaves and uniformed small black tea that, somehow, fit together perfectly.”


It adds that while Sri Lanka is famous for its black teas, “white teas are still quite rare, although more and more present in numerous shops.

As for Blissful Harmony “although white tea in this blend is said to be Silver Needle, it does contain a lot of leaves and is much closer to Bai Mu Dan than a pure Silver Needle”.

“Color is deep cooper red, and the scent of tea is quite strong and very pleasant. It’s a mix of fruity and fresh hay notes, a dash of flowers and sweetness, light and refreshing.”

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