Colombo International Shopping Festival showcases the best of Sri Lankan retail therapy!


The CISF website notes that “Sri Lanka’s a culture and heritage paves the way for the manufacture of intricate handicrafts that are renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship the world over.

“These make some of the most sought-after and unique souvenirs for those who visit the island to explore a city full of the finest local and international designer goods.

“Sri Lanka is a one-of-a-kind destination that allows visitors the chance to shop to their hearts content while enjoying the beauty and splendor of a tropical island vacation.”

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Mirror Business notes that “being a first of its kind event in Sri Lanka, the Colombo International Shopping Festival focuses to showcase and create the ultimate shopping experience and promote Sri Lanka as a shopping destination for tourists.

“Sri Lanka’s strategic location in the Indian Ocean was well noted by ancient traders who travelled from east to west and vice versa.

Says tourism minister John Amaratunga: “It formed an integral part of the original maritime silk route. Today we are seeing a revival of these trading traditions with the launch of the Colombo International Shopping Festival spanning the length and breadth of the country,”

A main objective of this event is to make Sri Lanka a ‘shopping hub’ and attract tourists to have a traditional Sri Lankan style shopping experience.

Expected to be the first shopping festival of a large magnitude to take place in Sri Lanka, attracting tourists with local and branded products, it is also expected to largely attract the South Asian audience, which will also encourage local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and get recognition in the global market.

Adds Amaratunga: “The festival is an added attraction for tourists to visit this beautiful island and benefit from the shopping bargains on offer for global brands.”

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