Colombo hotels told to open more nightclubs to attract tourists as YAMU names top good-time hotspots


Colombo hoteliers have been getting a telling off for not providing enough nightspots for tourists anxious to let their hair down in Sri Lanka’s capital city.

Tourism minister John Amaratunga was giving a pithy rejoinder to complaints that not enough tourists are not staying in the metropolis.

Hoteliers are moaning that Arguam Bay, Ella and Down South have become tourist magnets due to lack of entrainment activities in Colombo.


Whose fault is that? says Amaratunga—and has told the huffy hoteliers to sort themselves out and provide a few more night clubs suitable for the type of clientele they are trying to attract.

Mirror Business reports him as saying: “In the past, we had 2 to 3 night clubs (operated by city hotels). Unfortunately there were some unruly elements who disrupted such operations, which led to the eventual closure of these.”

Meanwhile, go-to website YAMU has a review of some of Colombo’s most popular nightclubs and bars that stay open late and have danceable vibes (dancefloor, dim lighting). Here are four:


41 Sugar

Possibly one of our favourite bars in the city, 41 Sugar also has a dance floor area indoors and a live band on busy nights, and stays open till about 2 AM if you’re lucky.

They’re dead serious about keeping the vibe clean, upscale, and women-friendly, so you’re guaranteed a good time. Sugar 41 also isn’t overrun by teenagers, so can expect an eclectic age group mix of young professionals and elegant mature types.


Love Bar

As a watering hole, Love Bar is a strong call. Quirky decor, well made drinks, and a generally easy crowd, and good vibes on both weekdays and weekends.

They’ve just opened up a tiny nightclub type thing on the top floor too, which seems more like a private party spot given how small it is.



The city’s favourite for karaoke, Sopranos is just next to the Silk/41 Sugar/Floor by O! complex. It’s a relatively tiny enclosed space filled with smoke, older people, and a lot of enthusiastic crooners.

It’s generally packed, and a lot of fun. Expect to hear “My Way” at least twice in the space of a night.


Floor by O!

We like Floor as a daytime bar, but it gets pretty rowdy at night. They charge entry for men (around Rs. 2000, redeemable), and generally have live music.

We wouldn’t recommend it for women, as even the crowd spilling out of it is generally predatory.

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