Sri Lanka Coast Guard rescues hundred of tourists amid security measures to stop harassment


Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) lifeguards have saved the lives of 1,000 foreign tourists and locals who got into trouble in the sea at the many beach resorts around the island.

Prensa Latina reports that “as an island nation, Sri Lanka is blessed with pristine seas and golden beaches that entice thousands of foreign tourists to visit the country daily”.

Since rescuing a Korean national in December 2009 at Mirissa, 405 visitors from France, China, Australia, Thailand, Nepal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Netherland, England, Russia and Germany owe their lives to the SLCG.


The website notes that “realizing the importance of having lifesaving points in beaches, the SLCG has established a number of lifesaving stations in popular beaches around the country”.

“So far SLCG operates 13 such lifesaving stations manned by well-trained life guards. These personnel are provided by internationally recognized training at the SLCG Life Saving School at Balapitiya.

“The SLCG also conducts lifesaving educational awareness and training programs for school children, tri services personnel, university students and public and private sector employees.”


Meanwhile, The Indian Awaaz news site reports that measures to protect tourists from the recent widely reported violence and harassment at Mirissa have stepped up apace.

Following mobilization of the Special Task Force, police posts will be set up at 20 popular tourist resorts, says Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara.

Tourism Minister John Amaratunga says he will request the assistance of the Navy to further fortify security on the country’s beaches.

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