Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka lauded as ‘the high-antioxidant tea that combats disease’—and tastes delicious!


Ceylon tea, which comes from Sri Lanka, not only tastes good—delicious, in fact—but it also does you good. A lot of good!

The renounced US healthy-eating guru Dr ‘Food Is Medicine’ Axe website says that “besides its delicious flavor, Ceylon tea is also incredibly versatile, plus packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids that can bring some serious benefits in terms of your health”.

The three main Ceylon teas are white, green and black, all of which “boast more health benefits than other types of tea because of the soil, climate and processing methods”.


The main benefits are: rich in disease-fighting polyphenols; contains anticancer properties; stabilizes blood sugar; preserves brain function; lowers cholesterol levels; boosts fat burning.

“Multiple studies have shown that many types of Ceylon tea … possess powerful antioxidant properties that can help promote overall health and reduce the risk of disease.”

For this reason, tea widely used in many forms of holistic medicine for thousands of years, including Sri Lanka’s own ayurvedic treatment that are available in many of our spa hotels.

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Dr Axe is supported by the DHerbs Experience Healing website, which says: “One of the best teas that you’ll ever come across is Ceylon tea. It works to regulate blood pressure, support cardiovascular health, and benefit weight loss.”

It adds: “Keeping your immune system strong is paramount for keeping foreign invaders and pathogens from compromising overall health.

“Additionally, the antioxidants work to protect you from infections.

“Even consuming one cup of Ceylon tea each day can help the body continually fight off bacteria. Sip to your health!”

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