Celebrated Sri Lankan sculptor Cecil Balmond creates a ‘Statue of Liberty’ for the West coast of America


A world-celebrated Sri Lankan sculptor has created what is being hailed as a ‘Statue of Liberty’ for the West Coast of the US—the Freedom Sculpture in Los Angeles.

Cecil Balmond, doyen of the famed Balmond Studio in London, England, is now urging his homeland to follow suit. He says: “Sri Lanka, too, very much needs a sculpture that holds great meaning.”

The Freedom Sculpture is inspired by an ancient artefact: the 2,500 year old Cyrus Cylinder, which is widely regarded as the first declaration of human rights.

The sculpture, two concentric cylinders, one silver and the other gold, was unveiled on the Fourth of July—America’s independence Day—at the Santa Monica Boulevard in LA.

It was gifted by the Farhang Foundation, a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organisation that promotes arts and culture among the Iranian-American community, to the people of this city.

Says Balmond: “I feel that the power of public art and its potential to unite a population is underestimated or simply not understood in Sri Lanka. Projects like a new Freedom Sculpture [in Sri Lanka] would begin to transform the artistic, societal and cultural landscapes.”

Speaking to Roar Life, Balmond said that his distinctive style of creative design “is a result of his interest in various disciplines such as art, architecture, literature, science and music”.

“One could argue that design is defined by its attempt to integrate knowledge of all kinds of disciplines. Therefore, trans-disciplinary methods can be used both as a research method and a part of the creative process.

“I believe the designer is artist, innovator, engineer, philosopher, humanitarian and social reformer.”

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