Celebrated Indian blogger hails Hiriwadunna eco-tourism project in shadow of Sigiriya Rock Fortress


Celebrated Indian travel blogger Abhinav Singh writes in A Soul Window how an eco-tourism project introduced him to the delights of Sri Lanka!

He and a group of fellow bloggers were staying at the luxury Amaya Lake resort close to Hiriwadunna lake.

He writes: “This place is being developed as an eco-friendly destination designed as an immersive travel experience for the discerning travelers who like to go deeper and wish to explore a place beyond the usual suspects.”


He adds: “No other human was in sight yet barring a few locals. The first glimpse of lake arrested us. I had seen similar places in India. Yet, it was an intriguing sight to behold.”

It was from a boat on the lake that he caught his first glimpse of the famed Sigiriya Roack Fortress.

“From the distance, it looked like a mysterious mythological structure. I will find out the next day. Awestruck, I stared at it one last time, eyes failing to blink.”


“Flowers like lily and lotus gave us company throughout. My back was facing the guide. We were sitting on 2 canoes joined as one.

“Few minutes into the ride, the guide tapped me on my back. I turned around to see him smile, stretch his hand and present me with a hat made from a lotus leaf he picked fresh from the lake.

“It was a cool eco friendly hat. Soon, he made one quickly for all of us. I am sure from a distance; we all looked like some eccentric aristocrats out to colonize a new exotic island.”

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