Cast of UK TV hit ‘Made In Chelsea’ escape to the stunning Shangri-La Hambantota resort in southern Sri Lanka


When the cast of UK TV megahit ‘Made In Chelsea’ was whisked off to Sri Lanka for some much-needed R&R, where better than one of our most über-deluxe beachside hotels!

Keeping them company, away from the “trials and tribulations of their drama-laden lives in London”, was MailOnline, the most read English-language newspaper website on the planet.

Says star writer Andrew Bullock: “In the most recent season, a select few were treated to a stay at possibly the finest location yet: Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa.”


And “the resort has also seen an array of A-list musicians, accomplished actors and notable politicians touch down via chopper on the golf course-cum-helipad (Spice Girl Melanie C being one of them)”.

“Located four hours from the island’s airport, Colombo, this haven is truly ‘out of the way’.”

On the “stunningly scenic” route from Colombo, visitors will get their first glimpses at the majestic Indian Ocean, along with spear-fisherman poised and ready to harpoon their suppers.


Meanwhile, the Shangri-La also offers a world-class golf course, safaris to the local wildlife parks, super-haute cuisine, and spa treatments “plucked from the ancient Spice Route that the resort is located upon”.

“You’ll be offered a selection of scented oils before being taken off for your treatment. The spa is situated on an island overlooking a lily-pad adorned pond and surrounded by tropical fauna”.

And “the beach is a little wild, in the most glorious way. A stroll along the sands, looking out to the vast continuum that is the Indian Ocean, lets a wash of perspective enrapture you that will make it impossible for your cares not to slip away”.

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