Camping on the shores of Paradise! Blue Beach Island, a haven where Sri Lanka meets the Indian Ocean


The beach is where Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, meets the sea—and how better to enjoy it than camping under the stars just feet from the waves!

Unlike in Europe and northern temperate zones, here you often don’t even need a tent, just a lightweight folding mosquito net.

So as the sun sets before your eyes, and the murmur and swoosh of the surf eases you into dreamland, you have time to think about life and all its mysteries!


Explore Sri Lanka blogger Dinuka is in love with his island home, and it shows, especially Blue Beach Island in Nilwella, Matara, where he loves to go camping with friends and family.

He writes: “Take my words; it is an amazing place for night camping/beach camping”, adding that this is a tide island, one connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand.

The island is actually private property, which the owner rents to small groups of natures lovers who will treat it with the loving care it deserves.


That means leaving nothing behind except the blackened stones of your camp fire. Just as in Europe and elsewhere, the mantra is: “Leave the land as nature intended”.

Food and essentials are provided by the owner, including safety jackets and goggles with breathing tube for snorkeling, plus guidance on how to use them.

Says Dinuka: “I personally love that experience very very much. I would definitely recommend this place for travellers. What you get is worth way more than what you have to spend.”

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