A 40ft sand Buddha has been sculpted in Sri Lanka by Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik to commemorate International Vesak Day.

The artist told International Business Times: “I am overwhelmed by the response by visitors. Buddha was the messenger of peace and I am glad, my art is delivering his message to the world.”

The reclining figure, on the seafont in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, took three days, four trucks of sand and five assistants to build, and continues his ongoing messages on the environment and world peace.

“As an artist, I want my artworks to spread social messages,” he says. “If you love art, you find your way. There was a financial crunch during my childhood and I couldn’t afford any training or art material. So, I started making art on sand. It was a free-of-cost canvas for me.”

Born in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, has used the long coastline on the Bay of Bengal as his canvas, and is now an acclaimed sand artist, having recently won the gold medal at the 10th Moscow Sand Art Championship.

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