TV celebrity extols the ‘dazzling delights’ of Sri Lanka during an adventure-packed family holiday


British TV celebrity and Guardian ‘agnony aunt’ Mariella Frostrup extols “the dazzling delights of Sri Lanka” in the Daily Mail, the most-read English-language newspaper website on the planet.

She found “an exuberant, historically fascinating and welcoming country” during a two-week road trip from east to south with her children, taking in Yala National Park.

She notes that with the end of our 30-year civil war, “the country is fast reasserting itself on the tourist map and so abundant are its attributes that it’s hard to know where to begin”.

“Our summer adventure started a week earlier with three days of sun and sea at Uga Bay, in Pasikuda in the heart of the predominately Tamil north east. It’s one of a cluster of new hotels that have sprung up along this expansive crescent bay.

Nowadays, she says, “peace reigns; small breakers roll to the shore, fishermen cluster around their brightly painted boats mending their nets, and, when the blessed breeze picks up in the afternoon, baby pink clouds streak across the sky”.

“It’s a scene so tranquil it’s hard to imagine that less than a decade ago these local boys and girls, now employed in service industries, would have been trapped on one side or other of the bitter battle.”

She notes that “the bounty of the east coast lies ready to be discovered and the beach at Pasikuda has to be one of the best in the world”.

“We could have lingered but our itinerary was packed so, deserting the sunloungers, we headed to the Cultural Triangle, where much of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage is to be uncovered.”

A particular highlight was climbing the famed Sigiriya rock fortress “complete with rock paintings, vividly coloured and of an erotic bent – among them images of languid-eyed maidens with minuscule waists and enormous spherical breasts gazing seductively at their admirers.”

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