British honeymoon couple buy their ‘grotty’ Sri Lanka beachside hotel after a rum cocktail too many—and love it!


Never buy a rustic beach hotel when you’ve had one rum cocktail too many—but for a young British couple on honeymoon in Sri Lanka it has changed their lives for the better!

As Yahoo Movies reports, Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, got so drunk while celebrating their wedding that they bought the hotel they were staying in.

After the happy couple checked into the simple beachside hotel in Tangalle they “immediately hit it off with the staff, and spent a night drinking on the beach”.


Result? The agreed to buy the place for £30,000 (nearly 7 million rupees) plus £7,000 legal fees for licenses and £6,000 to refurbish the place.

After renaming it the Lucky Beach Tangalle, they are now doing a roaring trade and are thinking—soberly—of expanding and upgrading.

Says Gina: “The hotel looked grotty and very cheap, but it was by the beach and had the ‘wooden tree house’ feel that we like.”


Gina told Times of London: “After finding out that it was £10,000 a year, myself and Mark thought that it would be a brilliant idea to buy it – because we were so drunk.”

And according to the comments, they made the right decision.

Says one: “Tourists in Sri Lanka appreciate an affordable, clean place over some expensive shiny hotel. So there’s quite a bit of money to be made on the ‘budget’ side of things”.


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