British curry a hot favourite at spicy Hilton Colombo food festival led by Michelin-starred chef Rupert Rowley


Curry has been the de facto British national dish for decades, and is incredibly popular with everyone the length and breadth of the country.

From mild and creamy korma to über-spicey vindaloo, for millions they are the perfect sit-down finale after a night out with friends.

And the Indian take-out is now embedded in the national psyche, gracing business meetings, back-room political pow-wows and smart dinner parties alike.

For years, the UK magazine Curry Life has been travelling the world with their Britain Curry Festival—and this week it’s in Sri Lanka, showcasing the best of British at the 5-star Hilton in Colombo.

Mirror Business reports that “a team of British chefs will be here in the Sri Lankan capital to showcase their talent at this British food promotion”.

“Hot, mild, creamy or dry, any way you like it, the fact still remains: curry has come to be the UK’s number one national food … twelve thousand curry restaurants in the UK cater to ever-increasing love of British curry cuisine.”

Michelin-starred chef Rupert Rowley will be showcasing Sri Lankan seafood inspired British menu, while his curry chef colleagues will offer a classic British curry menu.

Says Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister Mark Field “I send my best wishes to all those participating at ‘Taste of Britain Curry Festival’ in Colombo for organising this marvellous event in Sri Lanka.”

Festival organiser and Curry Life editor Syed Belal Ahmed adds: “British food is enjoying a renaissance period after many years and curry has played a major role in helping put us back in the world kitchen.”

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