An ass-stonishing new Sri Lanka’s tourism advertisement is an ‘ass-travanganzant affair’, says the Indian Express Inuth website—and they’re not kidding!

‘Bring Your Bums To Sri Lanka’ is a beautifully made compilation of equally beautifully made daring derrières that are hoping to lure sun and sea lovers to our palm-fringed golden beaches.

But the Express is not bowled entirely bowled over by this “montage of bums running away from the camera. Beach bums, cycling bums, scuba diving bums, his bum, her bum- all kinda bums”.

“No one would disagree to how beautiful a country Sri Lanka is, but this bum-fueled video has left us with so many questions. Seriously, this video has more crack than a drug dealer (Yes, pun intended).

“Why not focus on the clear blue water, the scenic beaches and the serene beauty? Why an assortment of bums, Sri Lanka?

“We get the whole ‘Bring your bum to Sri Lanka’ angle, but the video is a cringe-fest and barely says anything about what Sri Lanka is. Unless you say Sri Lanka is all about bums.”

The YouTube video is part of the #bringmybumtosrilanka campaign on Instagram. A contest in which people send in pictures of their bums and err, “may the best bum win”.

And so say all of us!

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