Blue Planet II—BBC documents more fabulous wildlife experiences for holidaymakers in Sri Lanka


The BBC’s amazing and epoch-making Blue Planet has returned, this time including whale-watching and sea turtles in the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka’s very own Jungle Beach.

The indestructible and ever-fabulous Sir David Attenborough narrates this new series, which is being acclaimed as another unmissable landmark in wildlife film-making.

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The UK’s Daily Express newspaper reports that Uga Escapes’ Jungle Beach in Sri Lanka “is the perfect spot for blue whale watching. Off the coast of Sri Lanka, visitors often encounter ‘super pods’ containing 40 or more along with large numbers of Spinner dolphins”.

Jungle Beach offers the best of land and sea, with sperm whales travelling in pods off the coast of Trincomalee provide a majestic spectacle of the largest predators on our planet and also the deepest diving whales.

Meanwhile, just a short flight from Sri Lanka is Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu in the Maldives, “a UNESCO biosphere reserve and home to incredible marine life and reefs not to dissimilar to what can be found on Blue Planet II”.

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