Young women, Cambridge University and journalism were always going to be an inflammatory combination. First was The Tab*, a UK/US news platform—and now we have babe, ‘for girls who dgaf’.

In other words, for girls who write stories “that are ballsy innovative, that dgaf about what anyone will think of you for writing them”. And who also love Sri Lanka, it seems, and quite right too.

Says babe blogger Francesca Dale in her latest post: “I spent three weeks in Sri Lanka, and I will never stop talking about it… For my first visit to Asia it was pretty spectacular, and I really truly think everyone ought to go there.”

She writes that Sri Lanka “is bursting with wildlife…has a ton of national parks…the food is incredible…the cocktails are really cheap…and then there’s the tea”.

“So much tea is grown in Sri Lanka and you can visit cute tea rooms, vast lush tea growing plantations and even remarkably industrial tea factories to see and learn how it is made first hand.

“The central regions of Sri Lanka are the hill regions and they are completely unlike to anywhere else in the country, with even cold temperatures in places such as Nuwara Eliya which is over 1500m above sea level – we even had to wear jumpers there in summer.”

But above all, she says, “it is so beautiful…there is so much untouched land and natural beauty in Sri Lanka…some amazing hikes and adventures…rich with both historical and religious culture”.

All in all, in fact, a pretty amazing place. We’ll drink to that!

*Since its was founded at Cambridge University in 2009, “The Tab has been a platform for the most talented young journalists to report and write, professionally and independently”.

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