Atlas Obscura—The massive white letters of the ‘Mackwoods’ sign can be seen for miles around, and the sign is one of the most photographed features in the highland region of Sri Lanka.

If you want to see how tea is grown, picked, and processed, Sri Lanka is the place to go. Many tea plantations in the country offer guided visits, which include walks through the tea fields, tours of the factories, and in many cases, complimentary tea tastings.

But the Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre tis probably the most famous of the plantations—not because of its tea museum, but because of its ironic take on the Hollywood sign.

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Talking of tea…

Conversant Traveller—There was one thing I was desperate to do last month, and that was stay on a tea estate in Sri Lanka during our visit to the teardrop island.

There are many places to choose from in the central highland tea valley region, but whilst most travellers seem to make a bee-line for pretty little Ella over in the east, we were looking for a quieter, more refined experience.

One that wasn’t full of backpackers but still boasted some of the best views on the island. Then we discovered the Governor’s Mansion. A luxury hotel on a tea estate, hidden away in the picturesque Hatton-Dickoya tea valley.

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Surviving World’s End Walk and Exploring Nuwara Eliya

Just Globetrotting—Our alarm went off at 4:40 am and we immediately groaned at the thought of getting out of bed. If it wasn’t for the sounds of chanting at the local Buddhist monastery, we may have able to fall right back asleep.

Nevertheless, we got up, grabbed our packed breakfast (fried noodles at 5am anyone?) and away we headed off in our tuk-tuk to the dark, cold, foggy morning.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We must experience all a country has to offer runs through our minds multiple times. Sleep and warmth can come later!

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Living Heritage Koslanda – explore Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Luxury Travel Diary—Sri Lanka, an island south of India in the Indian Ocean, is famed for its diverse landscapes, where rich rainforests sit alongside arid plains, with highlands and sandy beaches, ancient Buddhist ruins and Tea Plantations aplenty.

A peaceful way of life can be found here and the boutique hotel of Living Heritage Koslanda is the perfect place to connect with this wonderful country and perhaps, reconnect with yourself too.

The hotel feels like a tranquil, hidden gem tucked away in the middle of the nature. You are surrounded by magical forests, waterfalls and stunning views. There is a feeling of exclusivity and calm but you never forget the stunning natural world that envelopes you.

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10 things to do In Kandy

Atlas & Boots—We take a look at the best things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second city and cultural capital.

History and culture are on tap in the lively city of Kandy. Known as Sri Lanka’s cultural capital, Kandy withstood the Portuguese and Dutch for three centuries and was the capital of the last Sinhalese kingdom, which finally fell to the British in 1815.

The city is wedged among mist-laden hills that often leave the skies overcast. The breeze, however, usually parts the mist to reveal Sri Lanka’s famous second city, known for the great Kandy Esala Perahera festival.

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Solo in Sri Lanka

We Are The City—For some, a solo holiday is a journey out of the comfort zone: “Will I be safe?”, “Will I be lonely?” – but my biggest concern was “Who’s going to put sunscreen on my back?”

I recently found myself with the urge for some last-minute winter sun but with all my friends having used up their holiday entitlement, it was looking likely that I was going to be going it alone. I was secretly excited about the opportunity to really spend time with myself and reflect on how I wanted the year ahead to unfold.

I was looking for something ‘retreaty’, a holistic break with some kind of fitness activity thrown in and of course that all important guaranteed balmy climate. Cue Sri Lanka, the Isle of Serendipity that attracts hippies and yogis in equal numbers.

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