Restless Girl says: “Imagine a place full of countless unforgettable moments. Beautiful, magnificent place. A place where you feel like home. A place you know you’ll come back to!

“You’ll come back because of its wonderful people, amazing wildlife and stunning nature. Yes, that’s what travel is all about… And that’s what Sri Lanka is all about. And much more.

“Here are some of my favorite photos I took from my time in Sri Lanka. There’s a strong chance these photos will make you want to jump on the next plane to this amazing island in the Indian Ocean!”

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A Journey Through The Madu Ganga River, Sri Lanka

Hand Luggage Only says: “After our much needed lazy and relaxed first day in Sri Lanka, Thomson arranged something very special for us the very next morning – a boat ride through Madu Ganga river!

“This was in-part ‘special’ because this is something I’d wanted to do after we left Sri Lanka last time, actually get to experience more ‘real’ parts of Sri Lanka, outside of its many UNESCO World Heritage sites and beautiful, albeit sometimes rustic, resorts.

“After a short 10 minutes or so ride from our hotel, we hopped onto our boat not too far from the mouth of the river. This was also the first time I got to meet our tour guide who would be with us the entire time we were here.”

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Sri Lankan curries from the master on Noosa Beach

2 Aussie Travellers says: “It’s been over a year since we last visited Noosa’s Hastings Street and slightly longer since we were last at Noosa Beach House.   It’s a stunning location and we love a good curry so we had no hesitation in accepting this weekends invitation to join other local foodies and restaurateur, celebrity chef and all round nice bloke, Peter Kuruvita for his ‘Five Pot Curry Lunch’.

“If you’re a frequent visitor to Noosa you’ve probably noticed that the iconic hotel in the middle of Hastings Street no longer wears the Sheraton badge. In April this year it was taken over by Sofitel but fortunately the Noosa Beach House and Peter Kuruvita stayed on.

“For this visit we headed to the side entrance and were seated in the mezzanine dining area which was comfortably air conditioned for the 32 degree spring day. The modern ambiance and crisp white table cloths gave a touch of celebration to our gathering without being too formal to be comfortable if you’d ducked in after a morning on the beach.”

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Enlightened serendipity

Travel Weekly says: “If you want to feel enlightened, go to Sri Lanka. But first, prepare to be humbled.

“Sri Lanka simultaneously exalts and surprises, its attractions often so stunning one can’t believe they’re not better known: Outstanding ruins on a grand scale. A cultural blend that exists nowhere else on Earth. Artistic traditions that not only produce dreamy and mystical imagery but incredible modern architecture.

“Perhaps for Americans, some lack of familiarity with Sri Lanka’s offerings will soon dissipate. Europeans and Australians embraced the country soon after its 25-year civil war ended in 2009, and together those source markets account for almost 45% of all arrivals.”

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The 7 southern paradise beaches of Sri Lanka

Salt In Our Hair writes: “The Sri Lanka beaches are well known for their idyllic looks and beautiful scenery. The country counts many beaches. We wrote down seven beautiful beaches located on the southern part of Sri Lanka. It varies from long golden ones to wind and waves.

“We hope that you believe us when we tell you that the beaches of Sri Lanka are really as beautiful as you’ve seen in the guidebooks. We’ve created a Sri Lanka beaches guide with a 0 – 5 rating for crowdedness and surfing.

“Talpe beach (Wijaya) was our favorite beach of all the beaches we’ve seen. It’s a clean, white sand, relaxing place with palms leaning over the beach paradise look. And you will be able to see the little turtle heads pop up out of the sea on the end of the day. The coral reef forms a natural swimming pool where you can take a swim without having to watch the waves. We also had a very good dinner at Wijaya Beach Restaurant.”

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