Things not to miss while in Sri Lanka

Creativity With Kay has a list of things not to miss if you’re travelling in Sri Lanka, including Galle Fort (pictured above) one of our eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Tender coconuts on the streets get a special mention, “and having fresh coconut water. It is the only energizing drink you would need for any hike or trek”.

Meanwhile, “lunching with the locals … is an experience you will cherish – not only for the tasty meals, but for the sheer beauty of the raw experience”.



Sri Lanka wildlife: poachers as protectors

Sri Lanka has an abundance of national parks and wildlife reserves, and tucked away in the pristine paradise of Gal Oya National Park is Gal Oya Lodge, “a responsible traveler’s dream”.

Green Global Travel reports that apart from its beautifully made, eco-friendly bungalows, responsible ecotourism is a pragmatic philosophy that includes hiring a former poacher to act as gamekeeper.

Phil Rekret, manager of the lodge’s research center, says: “His knowledge of the forest and mountains around Gal Oya is unmatched… We liked the idea of giving poachers an alternative source of income… We’ve since hired three more to diminish the impacts of illegal hunting of wildlife in the region.”



Beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka

YUWEW, a ‘premium, multi-niche blog’, takes a long and appreciative look at Sri Lanka, “an excellent place to spend your vacation and attracts many people from all around the world”.

“It is a beautiful country where you can spend an enjoyable holiday for a very affordable prize and it is definitely a place to consider if you are considering about traveling to Asia.”

“All over the island you find various kinds of attractions to relish and experience close to the beach… In addition to these, there are a number of attractions and the quality of cities, which provide a myriad of chances for the tourists, each with its own one-of-a-kind taste.”



Arugum Bay, ‘where the surf keeps everything going’

UK blogger Joey London writes that “this is the 13th time I had been to going to Sri-Lanka, I think it’s pretty fair to say that I can call it my second home. The one place I go to getaway from life and to completely relax”.

“Over the years me and my dad have explored pretty much the majority of the island (excluding the north), we’ve done the travelling, the mountains, the retreats, the backpacking things, pretty much everything you can do here.”

The post packs a great gallery of pictures of Arugum Bay, “a beautiful little village where the surf is what keeps everything going, theres a load of really nice places to stay … a handful of excursions and day outs, a load of great beach parties and most importantly there’s a load of amazing restaurants … you will not be disappointed!”



Why Sri Lanka should be on your holiday bucket list

A Luxury Travel Blog says: “Let’s be honest – in terms of travel destinations Sri Lanka is hot right now. And there’s a lot to love about Sri Lanka, from stunning beaches to world heritage sites and luxurious hotels.”

It singles out fabulous accommodation—“from the tea country to the capital and the surf coast, Sri Lanka boasts an impressive range of luxury accommodation and boutique hotels”.

Meanwhile, “being a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka, one thing I notice time and time again is how genuine the hospitality is in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans have a sincere warmth and gentle manner – and when they welcome you as guests they truly mean it”.

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