Bridge and waterfall are key attractions

The Sri Lankan Traveller’s The Nine Arches Bridge in Demodera explains how “the bridge is located between Ella and Demodera railway stations. One highlighting fact about the bridge is that it was built entirely of brick, stone and cement due to the shortage of steel during WW1”.

Meanwhile, “the Babarakanda Waterfall aka Bambarakale falls is regarded as the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Its height is up-to an elevation of 263m (863ft) and is ranked 299th in the chart of the highest waterfall in the world”.




East coast ‘more authentic, with less glitz and glamour’

Global Help Swap’s Exploring The Best of Sri Lanka’s East Coast says that “it feels more authentic and local, and you are more likely to share the beach with fishermen than other tourists”.

“You may not find glitz and glamour on the east coast but you will come away with a more meaningful feeling. This area is crying out for tourists so if you plan to visit Sri Lanka soon please consider spending sometime in the east.”




The food – OMG, the food!

AWOL’s 6 Reasons Sri Lanka Needs To Be On Your Travel Radar says “if the sights, smells, and sounds you’re likely to encounter in Sri Lanka aren’t enough to piqué your interest in paying a visit, then the food surely will”.

“Like your curries hot? Like steam-billowing-out-from-your-ears hot? Then Sri Lanka delivers. Fancy a roti and veggie stir-fry with soya sauce, ginger and garlic? That’s on the menu too. Or how about a fresh salad topped with sprinkles of coconut? Orderable. Translation: you won’t go hungry in Sri Lanka, especially if you’re a vegetarian.




A country of amazing contrasts and influences

London Unattached’s City Bustle And Beach Life In Sri Lanka says that in the capital Colombo, “grand colonial buildings, Roman Catholic churches, Buddhist temples and mosques all sit comfortably side by side with its people going about their business on the steamy streets.

“Enjoy the bustling markets, open green spaces and widely differing architecture and absorb the history of this fascinating country. We explored in open-topped World War II jeeps with Colombo by Jeep – a fabulous way to see and photograph the city.”




Perfect hiking trails in the Hill Country

Citizen On Earth’s 2 Days in Ella says that “the path up the hill of Little Adam`s Peak is super easy to find”, while “hiking around Ella Rock is not as easy as it sounds, which is one of the reasons that it is recommended to hire a guide for the hiking tour”.

For food, “there are countless restaurants in Ella. And you can find everything for every taste. Just look around and decide. Our host recommended Chill Café to have dinner. At the very second you enter the café-bar you realise that it is the meeting point of the western travellers”.

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