Blogger lauds spellbinding Sigiriya rock fortress, Minneriya elephants and amazing Dambula temple in Sri Lanka


There are many magic and mysterious sights and locations in Sri Lanka that create lifetime memories for everyone who has had the pleasure and privilege to see them.

You can include any one of our eight UNESCO World Heritage sites among them—and especially the spellbinding Lion Rock at Sigiriya.

Add the nearby Dambula cave temple and its amazing collection of sculptures and paintings of the Buddha, and you have a day—or better still, two-day—trip to remember!


Veteran Australian traveller and blogger Mel365 recently visited both, as well as the adjoining Minneriya National Park, home to hundred of Sri Lanka’s famed wild elephants.

He writes of Sigiriya: “The beauty of this place is just unique, something that takes this site apart from any experience or activities you may have in Sri Lanka.”

It was used by Buddhist monks in the 3rd century BC, and in the 5th century AD “King Kasyapa decided to build a fortress and move here the empire capital. The main reason was obviously security and safety”.


Meanwhile, Minneriya was first recognised the wildlife sanctuary status over 80 years ago. It is now a national park covering a huge area around a water catchment, planned and made in the 3rd century by King Mahasen.

Last but not least, Dambula “is the biggest and most preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka, and a must visit once in the area”.

The Golden Temple of Dambulla, to give it its full name, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1991, and located around 30 minutes from Sigiriya.


Finally, he reserves special praise for the Water Garden Sigiriya hotel, “a unique experience, one of the attraction of Sigiriya itself.

This resort is located right in a water lagoon with cottages built as stilt houses interconnected by small unsealed walking path, just enough wide for golf buggies.

This is the perfect place to have after a tiring day visiting the attractions around Sigiriya, a cottage where you want to spend time, and more time, and even more.

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