United Explorers: We’ve arrived in Sri Lanka, and after spending a few crazy days in Colombo, we’re now down in the beautiful beach town of Hikkaduwa where we’ve spent the last few days surfing, relaxing and enjoying the amazing lifestyle here.

The beaches are beautiful, the nature’s amazing. You could really spend months just hanging around here. However, we’ve only got three weeks to see the whole country, so tomorrow we’re heading off to Galle, one of the best examples of fortified cities built by Europeans in South and Southeast Asia.

Walking around Galle, you can really see the influence Europeans had on the city. There’s Dutch, Portuguese, and British architecture everywhere. You can also find cute little tea houses, art galleries mixed with traditional Asian culture.

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Hand Luggage: We were here earlier in the year for just under a week but a week isn’t nearly enough time to see this hugely fascinating country and so we’re back to see and experience so much more of what Sri Lanka has to offer, albeit at a different pace.

This time we’re looking to actually spend some time on its amazing beaches, try some of the local foods, check out its amazing wildlife and quite frankly, just have a properly relaxed holiday in Sri Lanka!

We will be doing proper posts in due course but for now (even though it’s like 1am here at the moment and I need to get up early tomorrow), I just wanted to send you some ‘postcards’ from Sri Lanka… because I’ve missed you (cheesy, I know but still true) and beause Sri Lanka truly is such a beauty!

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Traveller: Anantara Kalutara Resort: A Sri Lankan resort where kids are king. The property that was Sri Lanka’s Indigo Resort and Spa has reopened as Anantara Kalutara Resort, with a big emphasis on family-friendly stays.

Situated on the south-west coast, 10 minutes from the town of Kalutara and an hour from the capital Colombo, the resort maintains the Geoffrey Bawa architectural design based on Dutch colonial style, elegance and great craftsmanship, showcasing the Kalu River and Indian Ocean location.

But in its second property in Sri Lanka, Anantara has introduced such touches as interconnecting villas for family travel, treats for kids on arrival (and a teddy bear at departure) and an Adventurer Club offering a program of cultural activities, outdoor games and excursions for junior guests.

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Infloria: Five Experiences that make Sri Lanka Tours unforgettable. Surrounded on all sides by turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is everything that a holidaymaker can ask for.

This tiny island nation is popular for its natural wonders, as well as, for the cultural richness of one of the most ancient civilisations of the world. Sri Lanka tours offer leisurely hours to be spent at pristine beaches, opportunities to witness the intrigue of the animal kingdom and marvel at the glory of nature at its finest.

Holidaying in this beautiful realm also brings along the privilege to experience the profoundness of Sri Lankan heritage and history. Out of everything that this country rightfully boasts of, the following five experiences are a must for a visitor.

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vegeTARAian: My visit to Sri Lanka was one of the most surprising, beautiful and interesting overseas trips I’ve taken. With so many highlights on this small and pretty island it’s hard to pick a favourite place, but I sure did have a fantastic time down south.

South of Colombo and 200km from the equator is Mirissa, a great place to relax and unwind. This warm, picture perfect spot has soft white sand and clear water in a cooling turquoise.

Being on a group tour can be exhausting so making time for morning and afternoon swims in between tour activities had a BIG effect on my relaxation mode.

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