We Blog The World: It is nearing a month since I returned home from Sri Lanka, and I feel like I can still smell the aroma of spices and feel the vibrancy of the people, their kindness and see the diverse but yet strangely familiar wildlife.

What intrigued me most about going to Sri Lanka was the way in which its diversity of wildlife was described to me. I had heard about the exceptionally high densities of leopards in Sri Lanka and I will never forget watching a documentary called Night Stalkers, which was based on the leopards of that country and their activity after dark.

This wildlife documentary specifically highlighted the leopards in Yala National Park. I never thought I would get the opportunity to go visit Sri Lanka let alone the world-renowned Yala National Park.

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Bus travel, the full life experience

Adventures In A Tuk Tuk: Traveling in Sri Lanka is both a wonderful and challenging experience for visitors and expats on multiple levels. Foremost, it provides an opportunity to experience the island’s people, places, language and culture.

I don’t mean the kind of traveling where you jump into a private hire vehicle or your own vehicle, but the travel where you’re rubbing shoulders with the locals on public transport (i.e buses, coaches, and trains) and getting the full experience of life on the island.

I have learned so much from these kinds of experiences—from commuting on buses and trains in Colombo, to long-distance travels by bus, coach or train, and also off-the-beaten-track tuk-tuk rides as well.

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Folding Bike Holiday To Sri Lanka: 5kg Gear List

Touring Bicycle: Today I’m off to explore Sri Lanka on my origami bike! I’m taking with me a good friend who has very little cycling experience, and therefore we’ve decided to do a folding bike holiday.

We’ll be using public transport to get from A to B, but then folding bikes for everything in between. Our main objective is to see how using a folding bike can enhance the travel experience.

The expected temperature range is between 14-32 degrees celsius (57-90f) so we’re able to pack quite light when it comes to clothing. We’ll be in hotels and guest houses and won’t be needing any camping or cooking gear.

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Sri Lanka my old-age refuge

Lost Coast Outpost USA: Last fall, before the election, I heard a lot of promises that—so far as I know—didn’t make the transition to reality: “If Trump wins, I’m going to move to Canada.” Or Mexico. Or New Zealand. Or Australia.

My ace in the hole, as it were, is none of those appealing countries. Nor can I see myself ever moving back to Britain—I’m still upset about Brexit.

Nope, if everything went cattywonkus here and I had the means and the health to do so, Sri Lanka (aka Serendip and Ceylon), the island nation just south of India, would be my old age refuge.

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6 top villas for multi-generational travel

A Luxury Travel Blog: One of the increasing trends we’ve noticed in recent years is in family travel—not just Mums and Dads travelling with their children—but multi-generational family holidays.

Quite often we see grandparents with a passion for travel and an equal passion for their families—arranging wonderful travel experiences for their children and grandchildren—especially when it’s around significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Sri Lanka—the lush, green tropical paradise with stunning beaches, tea plantations, national parks and wildlife, and a range of World Heritage sites—is one of those places attracting multi-generational trips.

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My top 10 things to do in Sri Lanka

Backpacker Banter: Travelling around Sri Lanka was a bit of a surprise to me – I’m the first to admit it wasn’t really top of my to do list travel wise as I didn’t know much about things to do in Sri Lanka, but I’ve been wrong before and I was certainly wrong to overlook Sri Lanka – it’s INCREDIBLE!

There are so many awesome things to do in Sri Lanka!

I’ve spent a large amount of time travelling around South East Asia over the last few years and Sri Lanka has quickly boosted it way up my recommended list!

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