Exploring Ella: Adam’s Peak Hike, waterfalls and Jetwing hotels

Glamourous Vanilla Sky Dreaming veteran travel writer and blogger Hofit Kim Cohen was delighted to get the chance to visit Ella, the spectacular Hill Country town famed for Adam’s Peak, waterfalls and tea plantations.

She says that “the hike up the actual Adam’s Peak was a bit intense … the view from up high was amazing. Later you can enjoy a tropical drink like we did, which is half way up the hike”

She also visited the renowned Ravana Falls (pictured above), and had a great time at one of our favourite hotels, Jetwing Kaduruketha, “a beautiful exotic, luxury hotel in Wellawaya … a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the rice fields in the middle of the wilderness”.



Travel guide for the best of Sri Lanka

Petra at Restless Girl has put together a Sri Lanka travel guide “to the one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Endless tea plantations, beautiful, positive people on every corner, amazing wildlife, herds of elephants, monkey kingdom and spiritual energy are just some of the Sri Lankan wonders!”

Her list of things not to miss includes, of course, elephants at one of our many national parks, and “eat, eat and eat! Sri Lanka has one of the most delicious cuisines in the world”.

Finally, “no trip to Sri Lanka is complete without train ride! A train ride through the central highlands of Sri Lanka is definitely one of the most scenic and beautiful journeys in the world!”



7 Ways to Fully Experience and Enjoy Central Sri Lanka

For Two Monkeys Travel founders Jonathan Howe (pictured left) from the UK Kach Medina Umandap from the Philippines (right), “while white sand beaches and wild camping in the safari park were very tempting … Sri Lanka’s mix of rugged mountain ranges, misty tea plantations and craft culture was the biggest draw”.

So the central highlands beckoned, beginning with a four-hour train ride, “without a doubt the more scenic option. Twisting around green hillsides with views across the knuckle mountains the tracks gradually take you deep into dense woodland”.

Meanwhile, “the knuckle mountains are found just south of Kandy city, although the constant traffic can make them seem much further when you eventually reach the foothills it’s a beautiful drive up the twisting roads through rice paddies and tea fields”.



Mount Lavinia, and a day in Galle

Iona at ionabackpack headed south from Mount Lavinia in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo to see the sights at Galle, one of our eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, where “the beaches are stunning. White sand, blue sea, palm tress and big boulders in the ocean make it very picturesque”.

“There were many spots where you could see the stilt fishermen. These guys can sit out there for up to twelve hours in a day, from sunrise to sunset.”

Final stop Dalawella beach. “I had heard about this beach and the great rope swing which will send you flying high above the ocean (pictured above) … the only words of warning being ‘don’t be afraid, you won’t hit the tree’. And off I went! It was a lot of fun and certainly gets your adrenaline going.”



Nilaveli Beach, your escape to Paradise!

Sri Lanka Travel Blog says that “with a long stretch of sandy beaches and the sapphire ocean kissing the shore while the tall palms sway with the breeze, Nilaveli is a stunning travel destination in the tropical paradise”.

If you are a water-sports freak, “Nilaveli is your ticket to bliss … renowned for its amazing beaches, and the many sports that go along with it! Go diving, swim with the dolphins and whales, take a sailing class and ride with real fisherman. It shall enrich you with life lessons as well”.

Best of all, “Pigeon Island (pictured above) is one of the top tourist destinations! Not only can you spot tropical bird species, you can also go snorkeling in and around the beautiful island. Also, you can also go diving, and this will probably be one of your most memorable events of this trip!”

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