A collection of beautiful black-and-white pictures of Sri Lanka are posted on the website of South African photographer Michiel de Lange (pictured right) who visited the island twice last year.

He writes: “Been spending the last week in Sri Lanka, at the southern coastal town of Galle. This is my second trip to Sri Lanka this year—I really like this place, its wonderful, friendly people and the island lifestyle.

“No wonder that Sri Lanka is also voted the number one travel destination for 2017 by Bloomberg, an honor I’m sure bears some respect in the industry.

“I spent my last week in Galle to mostly explore around the area, in an almost desperate attempt to see and capture as much possible quality stock before my return to the desert that is Doha.

“This is (as always) made easier by renting a scooter, and with the wonders of Google Maps in my pocket, deep explorations into the back roads and rural farmlands is always possible without the angst of getting lost.

“This way, I’ve managed to experience some spectacular rice paddy scenery and lifestyles around rural Galle, something the average tourist probably misses out on.

“With a highly diverse environment, I will surely visit Sri Lanka again.”

Check out the website here.


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