Ayurveda, restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit amid the magic and mystery of Sri Lanka


Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic wellness systems, restores balance between mind, body and spirit—and for 5,000 years, ayurvedic medicine has been passed down from generation to generation in Sri Lanka.

The business magazine Forbes, a bible for the world’s movers and shakers, sent writer Lauren Mowery to visit some of our most renowned wellness spas, starting with the Anantara Kalutara.

On a secluded beach near the Indian Ocean and Kalu Ganga River, this sprawling resort was inspired by the architectural vision of the late Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most famous architect.

Next was the Amangalla in Galle on the south coast, “home to a beautiful spa, pool, and grounds … evoked a bygone era resurrected with antiques, a porcelain claw-foot tub, and a four-poster bed”.

“Normal breathe, normal breathe, relax” my yoga instructor advised as we swept our arms to the sky then bent down in our dogs. “Normal Breathe.” That would become my mantra for the rest of the week.

The former trading port popular with tourists for its Dutch-colonial architecture, replete with old mosques and churches and a romantic lighthouse, also housed the

Last but not least, the Peace Haven Tangalle. “Located on a gorgeous patch of secluded sand on the southeastern tip of the island, it was the property that most lived up to the promise of paradise.”

Here, Lauren discovered “a surfer’s paradise, drank a coconut from the tree, experienced the backbreaking labor of tea-picking, discovered a people just trying to carry on with life after decades of conflict.

“And was introduced to Ayurveda’s notion of healing mind and body together—the former, perhaps, the most enduring lesson from the Sri Lankans.”

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