Award-winning photographer Aaron Santos tells his story of Sri Lanka with few words but many great pictures


Photographer Aaron Joel Santos says on his blog From Swerve To Shore that “the world is a beautiful place, and I’ve always had an easier time of showing than describing it”.

He describes Sri Lanka as “an incredible country, but one that defies easy description, even in its most innocuous and traveler friendly form”.

But, as he writes about tea plantations of Ella and the temples and lakes and Kandy, “there isn’t much about this part of Sri Lanka that hasn’t been written about before”.


He says: “This isn’t much of a narrative post. There are plenty of other blogs that can tell you about how to travel in Kandy and Sri Lanka.” So he relied on his camera to tell his story.

“In lieu of any grand statements or ponderous observations, I’ll leave you few viewers with a few photographs from the trip.”

The pictures were taken when he was lucky enough to have some time for a quick stopover earlier this year on his way to an assignment in southern India.


Aaron is an award-winning editorial and travel photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.

He is represented by Novus Select in the United States and NOI Pictures in Vietnam and Asia. He is also part of the agency roster at Wonderful Machine.

He is available for assignments worldwide, and loves long train rides, insect repellent, small cameras, and most foods.

Read (and see) more here.

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