Authentic immersive experiences in Sri Lanka ‘key to engaging with tourists in 2018’


Global 260-year-old travel heavyweight Cox and Kings says that for world tourism, “immersive experiences will take precedence over destinations” in 2018.

Travel Daily notes C&K as saying that “travellers will seek experiences that are defined by their personality, interests and style, most of which have been evolving over the years”.

Which puts Sri Lanka firmly front and centre in the ‘place race’ as our hotels and resorts, from beach to Hill Country, set their sights on ticking all the right boxes.


Says C&K: “Wellness will emerge as people focus more on improving their physical and emotional well-being by travelling for meditation, spa, yoga, Ayurveda massages and bathing in mineral rich water bodies for rejuvenation.” Score one for Sri Lanka.

“While culinary trips as part of larger holidays are already in place, what will emerge are food tours, not only focussing on dining or food tasting but more on the cooking style, history of cuisines, local flavours and tradition.” Score two for Sri Lanka.

“Travellers want to be a part of immersive experiences without compromising on the luxuries, and glamping combines luxurious accommodation and in-destination experiences.” Score three for Sri Lanka.


All of which are firmly on the Sri Lanka tourism menu, prompting global travel sites such as CNN Travel to laud our paradise island as a must-visit bucket-list destination for 2018.

Voluntourism is also centre stage, with many socially-conscious travellers seeking an experience in which they learn something new while helping improve the lives of others.

Meanwhile, genealogy plays a role, and for many Sri Lankan expats living abroad, “tracing one’s family back home while exploring other destinations around is fast catching up with the new-age traveller”.

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