Australians treated to fantastic Sri Lanka foodie festival as our tropical paradise hits the travel spot!


Australian food and culture lovers will be treated to a wonderful Sri Lanka experience during a Sydney festival organized by the Tourism Promotion Bureau this coming weekend (November 25–26).

As Travel Weekly points out, “this island is full of unique wildlife, golden beaches, a rich cultural heritage—and some of the most incredible food you’ll ever eat”.

“This festival is a feast for the senses, with something for everyone – from traditional handicraft stores and live performances, to the endless tea and tantalising food, and stacks of holiday giveaways too.”

High on the menu will be hot favourites such as kottu, made with roti and spicy curry sauce, lamprais, rice and meat curry wrapped in banana leaves, hoppers, Sri Lanka’s answer to the pancake, and pol sambol, a spicy coconut relish.

“And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, because even more famous than its food, is Sri Lankan tea. Tea is serious business in Sri Lanka, where they’re famous for producing the finest black tea in the world.”

“Its trademark tea Ceylon Tea is named after the island’s former name under British rule, and is renowned for its pure taste and quality. At the festival, there will also be live demonstrations and displays of Ceylon Tea so you can see and taste it for yourself.”

Meanwhile, as the Tourism Promotion Bureau notes, “Sri Lanka is one of the roads less travelled, nestled in between the more trodden parts of India and Southeast Asia, but it’s culture and appeal is enough to rival even the biggest nation.

“Sri Lanka boasts over 2000 years of culture, which can be found in its ancient temple sites, colonial fortresses, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites—all eight of them.

“The Sri Lanka Food & Culture Festival will highlight the rich cultural heritage and intrigue of Sri Lanka. At the festival, visitors can expect to find a number of interactive demonstrations, live performances and prize giveaways to entice travellers.

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